Live Softly

Our Story


Our Journey

It all started when a girl with big dreams shook herself awake after 15 years working in fashion and trends. She had a sudden call to see what adventures in India and Nepal would bring. While there many amazing things opened up for her, and during an eight week meditation retreat in a Buddhist Monastery on a hill high above Kathmandu she learnt of a local crafts group who resided a few steps below the monastery.

This was no ordinary crafts group. They employed people and their families who were affected by leprosy and they set up affordable housing with free medical treatment. They rescued the suffers and families of leprosy from a life of being outcasts in their own community and through fair trade craft projects they gave these people direction and the ability to be self sufficient. 

The girl's connection with India and Nepal and it's people was strong, she knew she wanted to work with these people and return to see her projects through and develop more... There are many other parts of her dream that she has already imagined, but that is a tale for another day...

And of course, that girl is me. After years of manufacturing in China in my work for other people I wanted to return to the source, away from mass manufacturing and a connection to where things come from and who makes them, their story. It is a dream of a life lived softly, where the provenance of products are respected, and so the idea of a disposable world becomes something of the past...