Live Softly

Our Mission And Goals


Our mission

Live Softly believes conscious design and intelligent purchasing can change the world.

We partner designers with marginalised craft producers to design smart product, empowering you to support makers in developing economies.

Live softly believes if you put good in you get good back, and our happy-to-happy business model is good for you, good for the producers, and good for the earth.

By purchasing Live Softly products you are pledging your support for a new way of living that looks after the earth and the people on it.


Our first project

Our first line of happy-to-happy designs are fair-trade felted laptop covers.

We have partnered with a Leprosy charity in Nepal who provide housing and medical support to suffers of leprosy and their families, also allowing them to earn a living and learn a craft

The laptop covers are warm and modern and handcrafted - the perfect housing for your laptop. They have a magnetic fastening, and are felted in one piece so there is no wastage of material.

Be the change

                        you want to see...


100% Fair Trade  

  Social Enterprise    

Hand made in Nepal - Our Nepal partner is the Director of Fair Trade Asia and operates as a charity providing housing, medical assistance and schooling for people and their families affected by Leprosy.

The purchase of one of our cases helps to create an income and independence for makers in Nepal, as well as education for their children. What's not to love about that!


100% Wool Felt  

Zero Waste     

Our cases are hand felted in one piece, in an age-old technique using only wool, soap and water. Our wool is sourced from the left- overs of the wool industry which would otherwise go to waste.

The cases are felted in one piece and seam free - so there are no seams to rip and zero waste of fibre in the making process. Our cases are made to last and gather stories with you!


Mindful Design

Maker Economy

Live Softly is design with a conscience. We want to take you back to the source, creating a link between the user and the makers. With a reverence for how things are made and the people who make them.

We want to create products that put love in to the world and tell the story of the people behind them. We believe in the provenance of product, and treating product with respect.



Passion Driven

We are a profit-for-purpose company and we choose to operate a happy-to-happy business model.  Which means happy makers and happy consumers!

Any profits will be re-invested in Live Softly to develop new product lines and foster new co-collaborations between designers and makers in the developing world. 

We are driven by a passion to change the way people consume and to create a mindful business model.